2020 esp TLA Elite Rugby League Trading Cards

The release date for the 2020 Elite Rugby League cards is anticipated to be the 25th of August 2020.


Some Points about this years release:

  • The RRP will remain the same as previous year $7.99 per packet or $191.76 per box inc GST.
  • Sealed Boxes contain 24 packets
  • Sealed Cases contain 10 boxes
  • Albums have a new RRP of $30.00
  • 660 cases have been produced (600 cases of Hobby and 60 cases of Priority)
  • Priority Boxes - What is the difference? Each box has 3 unique parallel hits.

  • Young Guns – No signature version this year, but all cards are individually numbered and limited (a great looking subset) with teams now locked down and player rotation, TLA simply could not get these signature in 2020.

  • League Sensation - What is the Team version? The team subset uses the colour of the teams in the designs, there are also a Black and White versions. 

  • Golden Ticket – 16 Ticket set individually numbered ? Each redemption will secure the collector a 2018 Milestone.

  • There is only 6 x 1 of 1's on the checklist but there was 8 last year. No Titans or Warriors on either list., this ties back to the Road to the Finals subset.

  • Why are there 2 Spotlight Patches & 6 Road To Finals Patches? because the jerseys TLA receive from the teams to be included in the road to the finals must be worn by that player in a finals game (it is very difficult to get these match worn jerseys because of the way the kit is allocated and used by teams), if TLA receive a worn player jersey not form the finals then they use it in the Spotlight insert series. TLA will continue this again in 2021 to cover all 16 teams by the end of 2021.

  • Why is Billy Slater the first Master Series feature? TLA has a very close working relationship with the Storm and Billy. TLA secured Billy as the first of 16 Masters to feature in Elite. Billy’s stellar career has given us so much valuable content, this will be the last trading card release Billy is likely to sign, his focus is now on his media career.